Safety Training Services

Our slogan "We Set The Standard" indicates the way we feel about our Safety Program. At Swope Construction, our primary goal as a general contractor is to provide a safe working environment for our employees and those around us. We are proud of the initiatives we have taken as a company to ensure the safety of all those involved with our projects. With the cooperation of OSHA, our Safety Program has been evaluated through the ABC STEP and the AGC Chase Programs and has been found to have the highest levels in both.

To achieve such high levels of safety, Swope Construction adheres to a strict program developed using OSHA standards and adding to that a higher degree of safety expectations set by the company itself. Our Safety Director, Larry McClintock, leads our Safety Program, which includes scheduled meetings with all employees, training seminars, and frequent on-site evaluations.

Most training is performed in our conference/training room that seats up to 40 employees. This training is achieved through PowerPoint presentations, videos, and/or lecture style instruction. We also invite other safety professionals to increase the effectiveness of our programs. Training is performed on job sites by using a laptop computer and projector. Training is not only provided to our employees but also to subcontractors and other contractors in the area.

Listed below are the training programs we conduct throughout the year, which are generally open to the public:  

OSHA 10 Hour
 OSHA 30 Hour
 Fork Lift Training
 Competent Person - Trenching and Excavation - 8 Hour
 Competent Person - Scaffolding - 8 Hour
 Competent Person - Fall Protection Orientation - 2 Hour
 Competent Person - Fall Protection - 8 Hour
 West Virginia Crane Operator - 40 Hour
 West Virginia Crane Operator Refresher Class 24 Hours
 American Red Cross - First Aid -3 1/2 Hour
 American Red Cross - CPR - 3 1/2 Hour
 American Red Cross - Blood Bourne Pathenogens - 2 Hour
 Power Actuated Tools - Ramset & Hilti - 2 Hour
 Accident Investigation - 3 Hour
 Lead Awareness - 6 Hour
 Crane Operations - 40 Hour prepare for NCCO Test and CIC Test, both are
   National Certifications.
 CIC - Practical Examiner.