Our Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services

The basic principle which we follow throughout our involvement during the preconstruction phase is to always make decisions which are consistent with the best interests of the project. Our goal is to represent both the owner and design team during the development of the plans and specifications to provide a cost effective project through clear and concise design documents.

Assuring that a successful project is achieved involves constant oversite of the plans, specifications, scheduling and budget. The particular services will vary according to the requirements of each project, but will generally include the following:

1) Provide scheduling services for the development of the project.
2) Attendance at design development meetings with the owner and design team to fully understand the intent of the project.
    Understanding the goals of the owner and design team and providing insight into how they can be coordinated with the
    construction process is of paramount importance.
3) Provide input into specific construction requirements such as; life safety, infection control, project phasing, material
    staging, construction parking, and utility usage.
4) Assist the design team with evaluating the current facility to determine our project requirements.
5) Establish an initial project budget through the development of a detailed cost estimate based on Schematic Design
6) Provide interim cost evaluations, usually at the Development Design stage and another at 75% Construction Documents
7) Evaluate alternate construction details and material selections as the designs progress. Such constructability
    analysis/value engineering will assure the team of a cost effective project.
8) Determine material availability relative to anticipated construction schedule. We recommend material and color
    selections be made at the preconstruction stage to avoid possible construction delays due to material delivery issues.
    This also assures accurate pricing at the estimating phase.
9) Assist in the coordination between owner furnished equipment and the bid documents.
10) Review specifications to ensure that the documents provide a clear understanding of both the administrative and
      construction requirements of the project.
11) Provide a job specific safety evaluation and risk assessment with our in-house safety director. This would be coordinated
     with the life safety and infection control programs. Patient confidentiality is of the upmost concern and will be stressed to
     all workers.

Again, our goal is to assist in the establishment of a realistic project budget with coordinated plans and specifications, thus minimizing addendums or change orders which would create project delays.

We strive to provide detailed cost analysis even at the schematic stage as this enables us to establish a basis for future cost evaluations. We employ SAGE estimating software coupled with customized spreadsheets to present our cost evaluations.
We also provide detailed takeoff drawings through the use of On-Screen Takeoff software. These drawings are a good visualization of the details that are made during the estimating process. We have found that these drawings are well received by the owner as they allow for a better understanding of our cost evaluations as compared to standard progress drawings.
The benefits of our detailed preconstruction services cannot be overstated. Attention paid to construction detailing, costing and scheduling at the early stages will prevent cost over runs and delays as the project moves forward.