About Swope Construction

Corporate Information

Swope Construction Co. is a General Contracting firm specializing in commercial and industrial building projects. We compete in a market area that offers a large variety of project types which include new construction and major renovation of hospitals, schools, offices, industrial work, metal buildings, hotels and site development. Our primary service area includes central and southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia. We have most recently (2014) expanded into central and western West Virginia with the opening of our new office in Huntington. Our company has written many of its own management information systems, safety and cost control programs, and we are very proficient in using the latest applications of estimating, accounting, scheduling and design technology. We currently employ approximately 50 full time employees and own a large fleet of construction equipment that allows us to self-perform much of our work.

In over 30 plus years of experience, Swope Construction Co. has never failed to complete a construction contract. We strive to bring honesty, trust and integrity to every project that we perform.


Our journey began in 1984 during a construction recession in Chandler Swope's attic with two associates, Bill Tickle and Pat Stinson. Over the years Swope Construction Co. has experienced a balanced amount of growth in central and southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia. We have successfully built projects within our region that range in value from $5,000 to $28,000,000. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best service possible. We are often called upon by architects, engineers and owners to provide building and cost information for their designs in this region. With over a billion dollars worth of cost analysis data on projects that were either bid or built by us, we have been very successful in providing construction and cost services that has brought an untold amount of benefit and savings on projects.

In 2012, Swope Construction Co. successfully completed our first of many generational succession plans whereby our new President and CEO Ron Mallory bought and succeeded Mr. Swope in management of the company. Ron began his career as a project manager at Swope Construction Co. in 1990 and has been instrumental in growing the company to what it is today.

Ron gives credit for his and the company's success to his mentor Chandler Swope but mostly to the team in which he has built over the last 25 years. All of Swope Construction Co.'s employees have a vested interest in the company whereby they own approximately 16% of the company's stock through an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

Even with the down-turn in our market place over the last few years, Swope Construction Co. has maintained growth for the future. We are poised to provide the best possible service on future projects in and around the region.